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Scottish Fin & Foil Championships

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Fin & Foil Open Championships 2024 Stranraer
New to Racing?

About the Wingfoil Racing

Introduction to Wingfoil Racing

Wingfoiling is a new sport and wingfoil racing in the UK is even newer, with the first events run by the UK Windsurfing Association in England in 2022. However fear not, the committee of organisers of the Scottish Fin and Foil event are experienced at running windsurfing and sailing race events so the event will be run to a high standard! Also the UK Windsurfing Associations have kindly offered us guidance of how to run this first Scottish wingfoil event. 

The format of the day

The day will start with a race briefing for all competitors during which the rules and course outline will be shared. Competitors will be issued a bib with their participant number and will have the opportunity to ask questions. 

Wingfoilers will then enter the water for a warm up before sailing over the start line ready for the first race.


We hope to run about 6-8 races per day with each race lasting around 5-15 minutes (depending on the wind and speed of sailors). Competitors will then regroup at the start line before the next race.


Lunch is often eaten on the water alongside the safety boat minimising the time spent faffing on the beach! Each competitor is advised to bring a dry bag (containing with water, suncream, snacks and lunch) that can be left on the safety boat.

After lunch the remaining races for the day are held before the competitors return to the beach for a debrief.

What wingfoil race courses might be run?

The course layout will depend on the weather conditions on the day. The aim will be to start with some simple downwind slalom courses to get people warmed up and used to the format before we add in some upwind legs in later races. We recognise that this will be most wingfoilers' first race on any water craft so the aim is to keep it fun and easy!

See below for some possible layouts of the courses to give you an idea of sort of courses that we will run.

The first image shows a 3 Buoy Downwind Slalom course with starboard start. Wingfoilers will gybe around buoys 1, 2 and then 3 before crossing the finish line.

The 2nd image below shows an upwind/downwind course. Wingfoilers cross the start line, then sail upwind to mark 1, they then sail downwind and gybe around mark 2p or 2s before sailing upwind around mark 1 again before crossing the finish line. This course can be extended to include 2 or more laps.




What level do I need to be?

As long as you can safely sail upwind on the foil you have the right level. We are expecting competitors of varying levels, particularly as this is a new sport. You don't even need to be able to gybe (or tack) as you can take your time rounding the mark. Remember it's all about the fun of joining in a big event like this. Your sailing will improve and you will meet new wingers from across the country. 

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